Marlene Beltran


Gloria and Marlene Beltran of Cuicani teamed up for 3 singles: Tit for Tat, Pushin' & Pullin', and Cuando Sera. 

Written by: Marlene Beltran, Caitlin Moss, Gloria Estrada

Produced/Mixed: Gloria Estrada


The Prettiest Thing

Gloria & Chrisol team up for a Jazzy throwback sound on "The Prettiest Thing".

Written by: Chrisol & Gloria

Produced/Mixed: Gloria

Maria Del Pilar

Heavy Lifting

Gloria and Maria Del Pilar have been collaborating together for over 10 years. You can hear Gloria's guitar playing on "Heavy Lifting" (feat. on Showtimes "Vida"), and "Milagrito" from the album Songs + Canciones II

Written by: Maria Del Pilar

Carla Morrison

La Santa Cecilia